ARTECH Load Cells

Our LOADMASTER scales use Artech high quality load cells. Models include S-Type Tension 20210, Compression, single ended shear beams, double ended shear beams, center loaded shear beams. Stainless construction optional.

All of our Artech Load Cells are available to purchase online. Browse our selection charts if you’re not sure what you need or follow the shopping links to get what you need.

90210 and 90310

Compression load cells. Capacities from 10,000 lb to 200,000 lb in mild or stainless steel. Ideally suited for Railroad Scales and many industrial applications.

Model 70210, Model 70510 & Model 80210

Double End Center Loaded Shear Beam Load Cells:

  • Model 70210 – Ideal for low profile Hopper & Tank Scales. Capacities from 20,000 lb to 250,000 lb.
  • Model 70510 – Designed primarily for tank and hopper scales. Environmentally sealed against moisture. Capacities 1k to 125k, available in stainless or mild steel.
  • Model 80210 – Ideally suited for tough environments associated with truck scales. Capacities from 20,000 lb to 200,000 lb.

Model 20210

“S-type” tension load cells. Economical, for use in tank weighing, scale conversions, in-line force measurement. Versatile and light-weight. Rugged, sealed for washdown areas.

Model SS30610

Single ended hermetically sealed shear beam load cells. Ideal for tough enviroments such as material processing, food processing, platform scales.

Model 30310

Single ended shear beam load cells. Electroless Nickel/Chrome plated cell. Capacities from 1,000 lb to 40,000 lb.