The company started in 1957 as a scale service company specializing in truck scale repair and calibration. Over the years other services and products have been added including concrete construction, structural steel fabrication and our very own LOADMASTER scale product line.

We are proud of the fact that this company is a second generation family business. A family which is concerned not only with the bottom line, but also the reputation of the family name. The long stable history of the company has provided us with a number of dedicated employees that have been with us for over 30 years. That longevity provides you with the benefit of experience not found anywhere else.

One of our most unique offerings is that we are experienced in all phases of the “scale project”. From beginning to end; we design the product, manufacture it, install it and in some cases maintain it for life. This complete loop gives us immediate feedback and has left us with a line of scales that have evolved into the most durable on the market. We look forward to supplying you with a brand new LOADMASTER.

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