Portable Full Truck Scale Installation – Progressive Videos

This Loadmaster scale is being temporarily installed in a stone quarry in the Kenton, OH area on a crushed stone foundation. It will stay in this location for approx 3 months and then moved and installed on a concrete foundation in a permanent location. It can legally remain and conduct commerce in this temporary location for 6 months.

Each live module is 25 ft x 10 ft and will be joined in the center by a connecting bridge 20 ft long. The final deck size will be 70 ft x 10 ft. Each of the live modules is a self-contained, pre-assembled, and pre-wired, ready-to-go truck scale. The live modules are connected by a single cable to a central junction box with a quick disconnect – giving the user the ability to easily relocate the scale if desired. Contractors often set up this scale at a job site. When done, they relocate to a new job site.

This tie down bolt is used during shipping and then later removed for use. If the scale is moved, the bolt must be added again. This is one of the four load cells in each live module. They all have dual link, free floating suspension. The load cell has a conduit fitting on the side providing a solid physical connection for the conduit to the load cell. The cables are fully protected from rodent or other damage.