Truck Scales Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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I am looking for a scale in order to use to loadout tractor trailers for biomass.   I need a scale with at least 90,000 lb capacity and 60 feet in length.  What do you recommend?

Our Loadmaster Portable Vehicle Scale – model # 156-5406-9 – is a scale that will meet your needs.  This scale can be configured with two 20 foot modules and a 20 foot bridge for a total of 60 feet in length.  This scale has a gross capacity of 100 tons.  I will contact you to discuss other possible options and pricing.

What is a pitless truck scale and a pit type truck scale?

A pitless scale installs above ground and is available for maintenance. These scales can be painted when needed or cleaned when dirty. The above ground unit requires ramping. For example, a 70 foot scale needs a 140 feet of open ground to install. A Pit type scale installs flush with the ground and requires less real estate. In the long run, the pitless scale is less expensive because it is less expensive to install and is less expensive to maintain. A common user of flush mount truck scales is highway weigh stations. Additionally, Grain Elevators or Grain Terminals commonly use truck scales to weigh crops brought in by farmers – corn, soybeans, wheat, and sunflower seeds.

What is a Mechanical Truck Scale?

A mechanical truck scale uses a lever system with a single load cell as opposed to the full electronic scales that use multiple load cells. These scales are often used by those who chose to use less electronics. Historically, these scales were less prone to lightning strikes than electrical scales with multiple load cells. Now, the modern electronic scales have a much higher resistance to electrical surges and have become the more economical option.

What is a wheel weigher?

This is a portable platform that is designed to weigh single wheel or dual wheel at one time. Multiple wheel weighers can be summed to weigh axles or entire trucks at one time. We rent a kit that can easily be shipped to remote locations to get accurate axle/truck weights.

What is a portable vehicle scale?

This is a full size and full capacity truck scale that can be transported to temporary job sites. These are often used by contractors on construction sites and seasonal businesses such as harvesting crops off of a field or selling road salt for the winter for example.

What are safety rails?

Safety rails or side rails are simply in place to stop a truck from driving off the side of the scale.

What type of truck scale decks are available?

Concrete decks or steel decks are available. Concrete decks are typically less expensive initially and have the potential to be more durable over time. The initial installation and required cure time delays the time the scale is available for use. Concrete cure time can vary from 2-4 weeks. Steel decks are slightly more expensive initially but they are available for use immediately after installation. Steel decks can be moved in the future and have a greater resale value.

What accessories or peripherals can be attached or connected to a truck scale?

Outside remote displays, ticket printers, bar code scanners, computers, and stop lights can all be connected to your truck scale.