Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Scales

Q: My scale all of a sudden indicates half of what it should

A: The first thing to check is the unit of measure on your indicator, it should indicate LB. If it says KG, that’s probably your problem.

Q: My scale will not balance to zero

A: Check to see if the indicator is currently in the Net weighing mode. Many of the older indicators will only zero balance in the Gross mode.

Q: My scale is unstable and jumping around

A: There are a number of things that can cause this problem:

  1. If your scale is outside it could be the environment; Is it Windy or Raining?
  2. Is your power (110VAC) fluctuating?
  3. There may be moisture in the system, you could try drying out the junction box or any connectors.
  4. There could be a cable problem, have they been damaged in any way? Cut? Smashed? Chewed by Rodents? Old and cracked?
  5. Is your pit flooded? If so get it drained ASAP and see if it doesn’t correct itself after drying out for a short time.
  6. Is your scale packed in with mud? Ice?
  7. Does your deck float freely? If not there could be something binding around the outside edges.
  8. You could have a component failure (most likely an indicator or load cell) of some type. In that case you will require a service call, give our Service Manager a call @ 800/637-3326 and he can dispatch a service technician ASAP. The more information you can provide us when you call the faster we can get you up and running again after we arrive.
Q: My remote indicator/scoreboard is not working

A: Check the power supplied to the readout in question. Since it’s in a remote location it may not be obvious if the power is out. Also, it could require a restart and that is most easily accomplished by powering the unit down.

Q: How do I set the Time & Date on my GSE indicator

A: For all but the 60 series (460, 560, 660) you will be prompted to enter Time & Date by resetting the power on the indicator.

For the 60 series key in “11” followed by the [SELECT] and [ENTER] keys.) Once prompted to do so; enter the data in military time, separated by periods [.] as shown below…

( H H . M M . S S ) [ENTER] [ENTER] ( M M . D D . Y Y ) [ENTER] [ENTER]
H = Hour; M = Minute; S = Second; M = Month; D = Day; Y = Year

When data has been entered the display will return to the “Weight” mode (except for the 60 series).

(For the 60 series, key in “0” followed by the [SELECT] key.)”

Q: Can you put a seal on my scale?

A: No, we can’t ‘seal’ your scale. Only the Weights & Measures Officials from your jurisdiction (State or County) can put a seal on your scale. We can calibrate the scale with Weights & Measures observing, they will then officially ‘seal’ the scale.