The LOADMASTER Coil Scale (pdf) is a high capacity platform scale designed specifically for over head shock loading. Typical applications include shipping/receiving of steel coils, check weighing of large castings or charge loading in a steel mill to name a few. Accuracy will be as set forth in NIST Handbook 44, Class III L.

  • Oversized compression load cells with high overload ratings
  • Double button load cell mount eliminates side load damage
  • Heavy duty check rod system maintains system alignment under extremely rough loading conditions
  • Stainless steel sealed junction box with corner adjustment trim
  • V-deck coil cradles available as an option


Coil Scale


Stock# Capacity Length Width Height
134-43xx-x 15 ton Gross
(25,000 lb load cells)
4′ – 8′ 4′ – 8′ 20″
134-46xx-x 30 ton Gross
(50,000 lb load cells)
5′ – 9′ 5′ – 9′ 24″
134-51xx-x 60 ton Gross
(100,000 lb load cells)
6′ – 10′ 6′ – 10′ 30″
134-52xx-x 80 ton Gross
(200,000 lb load cells)
7′ – 12′ 7′ – 12′ 36″


Features and Options

Oversized High Capacity Compression Load Cells

Load cell assembly utilizing the Artech Canister load cell. Fabrica pad mounted between bridge structure and upper bearing plate reduces overhead shock. Unique alignment flexure mounted at the base of the load cell all but eliminates any horizontal shock loading. This is the same system used by our extremely rugged Railroad Track Scales.

Optional Shear Beam LC with Dual Link Suspension

Double Bending Beam Load Cells with Dual Link Suspension available as an option. Free floating design very effective at isolating load cell from shock damage. Additional items that can be provided include V-decks, custom mounting fixtures, cradles or brackets.

Custom Coil Car Scale

Custom variation of the rugged coil scale. This custom designed unit is built to be installed in the floor with top of rails (pictured without rails) flush to the finished floor.