Floor Scales FAQs

Q. What are the coating options for low profile floor scales?  Which scales have custom coating?
The 135 Series has a choice of 3 finishes – Standard 2-Part Primer and Enamel Finish, Epoxy Finish, & Galvanized Finish.  The Standard 2-Part Enamel Finish includes a high quality rust inhibitive primer & finish coat with a durable enamel.  The enamel finish will be yellow.  Other colors may be used upon request.  The Epoxy Finish will include a high quality rust inhibitive primer & an epoxy finish, which is a harder finish and more durable to physical wear.  With the Galvanized Finish, all mild steel components will be hot dipped galvanized.  Any ungalvanized components – nuts & bolts, junction boxes, ball bearings, etc. – are made from stainless steel.

Q. I own a machine parts manufacturing specializing in metal stamping business in Rochester, NY.  I need a low profile floor scale with a capacity of 30,000 pounds.  The smallest size  I can use is 8 ft x 7ft.  Do you have a reliable floor scale that would work for me?
The 135 series low profile floor scales will give you a gross capacity of 30,000 pounds you need.  We have Legal-for-Trade models in any size up to 10 ft x 8 ft Loadmaster 135 Series.  For an accurate scale that is not NTEP approved, we manufacture scales up to 12’x12′.

Q. Are all your low profile floor scales legal for trade?
No, not all our floor scales are legal-for-trade.  Businesses that have financial transactions based on product weight need to use a Legal-for-Trade scale.  Recycling businesses, Bulk sales businesses usually need Legal-for-Trade scales.  Businesses that use the scales to track inventory or scrap levels usually do not need Legal-for-Trade scales.  Our Loadmaster Low Profile Floor Scales 135 Series are all certified and Legal-for-Trade.  Our Loadmaster SE Silver Economy Floor Scales are not certified.

Q. Do I need to get my floor scale re-certified after a certain amount of time?  I have a 7 ft x 7 ft Loadmaster low profile floor scale that is NTEP approved.
We recommend your scales be recalibrated at least once a year.  Depending on your quality system and amount of use, you may need to recalibrate once a month or once a quarter.  Holtgreven Scale is accredited yearly by Laboratory Accreditation Bureau (L-A-B).