80′ FT2 Truck Stop Triple Truck Scale

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The LOADMASTER Triple Platform Truck Scale system utilizes three (3) seperate truck scales placed end-to-end and electronically summed for an overall Gross Truck Weight. The seperate platforms provide fast and accurate individual tandem axle weights and is perfect for truckers trying to maintain legal highway loads. Tickets are printed with date and time stamped axle weights and total Gross Vehicle Weight

LOADMASTER FT2 Low Profile Above Ground Pitless Motor Truck Scale with Flat Top
  • Low Profile Pitless Motor Truck Scale
  • 135 ton Gross Capacity
  • 35 ton CLC (Concentrated Load Cap)
  • 5/16″ diamond deck plate

NTEP COC 89-077A3 (PDF)

  • Triple Scale configuration with two (2) 17’6 platforms and one (1) 45′ platform
  • Qty sixteen (16) 50,000 lb Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cell
  • Free floating deck with double link suspension
  • Fiberglass NEMA4X junction box with surge protection located in the scale
  • Primed with rust inhibiitive zinc chromate primer and finish coated with durable enamel

GSE-562 digital indicator
with triple platform routine

  • Indicator powers all three platforms
  • The main display will indicate the summed total Gross weight on all 3 platforms
  • The smaller secondary display will indicate the individual scale weights for each of the three (3) platforms
GSE 562 Triple Platform Truck Scale Weight Indicator


  • Heavy Duty version comes with 3/8″ deck plate and 65,000 lb (65K) load cells
  • 50 ton CLC comes with 1/2″ deck plate and 100,000 lb (100K) load cells

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