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 Rental Scales (Used rental stock for sale when available)
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Portable Vehicle Scales
Portable Vehicle Scales

Our LOADMASTER FT2-PV Portable Vehicle scales can't be beat for your temporary truck scale needs. Full sized truck scales which can be sealed by the State as legal-for-trade. These scales can be placed for peak demand harvest, environmental clean-up sites, used while major repairs are being performed on your permanent truck scale. Modules are all 10' wide and have 35 ton Concentrated Load Capacities. Multiple modules are placed end-to-end for finished lengths from 20' to 100'. Bulk heads are provided for stone ramps, Steel ramps are available as an option.

USED Truck Scales for Sale or Rent

Portable Vehicle Scale modules from 20' to 25', all with 35 ton CLC.

Wheel Weighers
Intercomp Wheel Weigher

The Wheel Weigher kit pictured below includes 4 20,000 lb platforms which are connected to provide a sum of all platforms as well as individual wheel weights.

The entire kit ships in a convenient carrying case (approximate shipping weight is 310 lbs).

USED Wheel Weighers for Sale or Rent


Intercomp Wheel Weigher Kit

Floor Scales
USED industrial grade floor scales for sale or rent

Portable Floor Scales including a 30" x 30" 2,000 lb ultra low profile drum scale, 4'x4' 5,000 lb floor scales, 20,000 lb floor scales, 8'x10' 30,000 lb and 40,000 lb floor scales. Available with "weight only" displays, dual scale counting consoles or check weighers. Printers, scanners and remote displays can also be provided.

USED Floor Scales for Sale or Rent

Crane Scales

From 1,000 lb self-contained Crane Scales to a 50,000 lb Tension Link with a wireless remote indicator, give us a call if you need a crane scale.

USED Crane Scales for Sale or Rent

Counting Scales
GSE 675 Dual Scale Counting Console

We have Counting Scales for your physical inventory. Self-contained, "single scale" capacities from 2 lb to 100 lb. Whether you need 1 scale for 1 day or 50 scales for a week, we have you covered. For higher capacities our "dual scale" units can be combined with one of the floor scales pictured below. With that combination you can instantly count the smallest of parts by the pallet load.

USED Counting Scales for Sale or Rent

Bench Scales

USED Digi 30 lb bench scale with wired battery operated remote indicator


USED Bench Scales Sale or Rent

  • Triple Beam Balance
  • Electronic Balances
  • 30 lb to 2,200 lb bench scales
  • Price Computing Scales
  • Self-contained scales with attached indicator
  • Bench Scales with remote indicators
  • Low capacity scales with high resolution
  • Durable high capacity bench scales

Portable platform scales
USED GSE PT800 1,000 Portable Platform with Wheels

USED Portable Scales available for sale

GSE PT800 1,000 lb 19"x25"



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BBBHoltgreven Scale & Electronics Corporation
420 E. Lincoln St.
Findlay, Ohio 45840

Phone: 800-637-3326
Fax: 419-422-9036

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