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Installation & Construction Crew by Holtgreven Scale

Foundation Construction

Our crew has experience installing literally hundreds of foundations. Full pits, above ground foundations with ramps, truck scales, railroad scales and industrial scale pits inside factories. They've done it all and it shows in the final product.

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Scale Installations

Experienced crew will do a professional job installing your new LOADMASTER truck scale. Fully equipped to do the job right, it will also be finished on time.

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Foundation Repairs

We do more than just new foundations and scale installations. We have extensive experience repairing old damaged foundations. If your walls have crumbled or piers have shifted give us a call for a quote!

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Structural Steel Repairs

With a few measurements we can fabricate a brand new replacement weighbridge at our fabrication shop in Findlay. Or, or in a lot of cases we can save you time and money by performing onsite repairs:

  • We specialize in corner repairs on the main beams. Typically the main beams deteriorate at the end where exposure to water run-off is prevalent.
  • Spreader replacement. Depending on deck type or manhole placement you may require some new spreaders.
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Sandblast & Painting

Let us finish up that steel repair with a sandblast & paint job. Or better yet, do it before the steel needs repaired! It'll save you money and help prevent an untimely (and much more expensive) structure failure.

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Concrete Deck Repairs

We can apply an epoxy based repair patch to a scalded and chipping deck. Do it before losing the structural integrity of the concrete deck. Extend the life, minimize downtime and save money!

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Clean & Greasing

Even the full load cell systems have moving parts that wear and effect the accuracy of your scale. Extend the life of your system, improve the reliability and increase accuracy. It all adds up to saving you money!

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